Smarter Urban & Rural Management with IoT

SimplyCity™ is  integrating Australian Cities, Councils, Suburbs, Regional Rural Towns and Communities through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Smarter Urban & Rural Management using the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about understanding the environment. IoT enables you with real-time data that provides you with better information to make smarter decisions and more importantly to take actions on time. 

You can baseline the current situation and efficiently evaluate new ideas. For example, how does changing lighting impacts the flow of pedestrians, where should new parking be provided, what is the impact of restaurants and bars extending their operating hours. 

We have proven track record and reference sites in production for IoT solutions implemented in Australian Councils today. 

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What We Do

SimplyCity enables smart urban and country solutions through:

IoT Networks. SimplyCity can help you set up your long range IoT LoRaWAN  network. We also have solutions that enable low cost sensors, low cost communications and long battery life.

IoT Development.  SimplyCity will work with you to find the most effective way to solve your problem. We can often transform older expensive monitoring systems to low cost modern IoT solutions.  We can integrate and combine data from currently isolated (stovepiped) systems.

IoT Integration. Our developers can use your existing systems and give them super powers. We can combine and visualise data for different systems to naturally reveal actions to be taken.


Smart City IoT Solutions

Empower Your Community

Smart Energy


Cost Savings

SimplyCity helps councils reduce operational costs by delivering a simple IoT solutions fit for their requirement.

SmartEnergy email alerts helps the council manage their PV systems effectively which in turn saves them time and money.

  • Solar Energy Production

  • Building Energy Consumption

  • CO2 Emissions

Smart Parking


Usage Optimisation

SimplyCity provides analytics on the car park usage patterns.

We have advised Councils on busy periods and how the council can enrich public experience during those busy periods. Our cloud based solution periodically obtains parking information from the SmartParking systems and pushes it to the “free parking bay” sign.

SimplyCity is currently developing a solution to understand local and state traffic patterns. 

Smart Buildings


Increase Energy Efficiency

SimplyCity helps inform councils about their building energy efficiencies and helps reduce energy cost.

Our solution receives information from Building Management Systems (BMS), PV/Solar systems and other energy systems. Our solution provides councils with a single platform to track all their energy usage and production. 

Through Machine Learning and AI, our solution can prescribe options for councils to reduce energy costs and increase efficiencies.

Smart Utilities


Save Utility Usage and Reduce Losses

SimplyCity enables councils to understand their utility allocation and usage per annum especially water, gas and electricity.  

Our solution tracks utilities from OT systems such as SCADA/PCS systems to provide real-time information on usage patterns.

In addition to this, SimplyCity has recently helped councils deploy sensors to monitor water levels in drainage sumps.  This significantly improved the understanding of the hydrological response of sumps to high rainfall events.  The council incorporated this into future designs to provide better performance at a lower cost.

Smart Assets


Asset Visibility

SimplyCity enables councils to track assets that are currently done manually. This saves the council time and money.

By deploying LoRaWAN based battery powered sensors, the council is now able to track assets such as bicycles, bins, vehicles and many others. 

This automates the tracking process and increases the productivity of council resources to focus on value adding activities.

Smart Climate


Localised Bad Weather Response

SimplyCity helps councils get better climate awareness through microclimate stations or sensors. 

Our solution sends alerts based on bad weather detected at localised areas. These microclimate stations helps councils with quick response to climate changes such as storms, fire, strong winds, etc.

Smart Events


Enrich Events through Analytics

SimplyCity can now help councils tracking people's movements during events to reduce security risk and enrich community experience.

Our solution enables better event management through monitoring of crowd density and movement through analytics and AI. 

Smart Town Planning


Right Location, Right Size, Right Decision

SimplyCity provides real-time and historical data from car parks, public facilities, buildings and other sources to make better town planning decisions.

Our solution can help you build car parks, toilets, recreational parks, cycle paths and many others based on usage patterns and factual data. 

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


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