Outcome Driven

IoT Integration

Simple and fast to implement

Our developers can use your existing systems and give them super powers. We can combine and visualise data for different systems to naturally reveal actions to be taken.

Our IoT LoRaWAN  network enables low cost sensors, low cost communications and long battery life.  


IoT Sensors & System Calibrations

We keep things simple and cost effective

SimplyCity will work with you to find the most effective way to solve your problem. We can often transform older expensive monitoring systems to low cost modern IoT solutions.  We can integrate and combine data from currently isolated (stovepiped) systems.

Sensor Field Deployment

Make your Life Easy

We help you deploy sensors out in the field through our partners or your selected vendor.

We can develop sensors for specific needs.


Commercial Grade LoRaWAN Network Deployment & Management

Network as a Service

SimplyCity can setup your LoRaWAN network with these options:

  1. Pre-configured & Self-Installed

  2. Fully Installed and Managed

  3. Remote Location Satellite Solution (No Backhaul Required)


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